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Made a trip today with Captain Durwood Adams and Josh working the deck. We ran south 60 miles looing for some rig donkeys and rig donkeys we found. We caught out limit of AJs' extremly quick. I wasn't looking at my watch but I'd have to say it was easily under 30 minutes.

After getting our limit of AJs' it was time to find the elusive red snapper and put some on ice, FINALLY!! After making a short run we drop the hook and put some baits down. The current was ripping which slowed us down a little but we had a nice box of snapper in short order with the largest going 21 pounds. We also put a 31 pound Warsaw in the box as a bonus fish.

After getting our snaps EL Capitan decided it was time to start easing in to find some king fish to play with. On our way in we spotted some nice weed lines so we stopped to check them out. Mr. Ling was home but he was a little too short and was released to fight another day. About this time I look over at my bait and notice a nice Mahi checking it out. I twitched the bait then let her eat for a few seconds which resulted a 15 pound cow going in the box. We had on another slightly bigger Mahi that snapped the line after some spectacular jumps DOH!! We played around a bit longer and put 4 more chicken mahi in the box. After the Mahi action we got back on track to find some mercury missiles.

We got to the King fish spot to find nobody home. About this time we hear the coast guard on channel 16 passing along severe thunderstorm warnings for the surrounding areas. It was decided we had plenty of fish and it wasn't worth it to take a chance with mother and head on in. Lucky for us most fo the bad stuff was off to the west and we got back to the dock with no serious weather. I'd like to thank Durwood and Josh for putting us on some good fish our whole group had a great time.

I also got to use my Savage rod for the first time today and I'm very happy with how the rod performed and can't wait to use it again. I'll add some photos as soon as they get emailed to me.

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