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Ad Aware users

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Ad Aware just released a new version, Ad Aware SE release 1.06. Works better than the old Ad Aware 6 fer shure. Easy download at C-net.
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I couldn't find 1.06, but I got 1.03. It does a whole lot better job than Ad-Aware 6 ever did. It found over 100 things that Ad-Aware 6 missed. Thank you for the heads up Blacktip.
my mistake, it was SE release 1.03.

Dell community had a notice up to use Ad-Aware and Spybot to completely clean your computer when the wife's got too slow with junk. Seems to work well.

http://www.cjwd.demon.co.uk/spybot-adaware.html Instructions from Dell on how to get the best.
Is this a new 'engine' or what? Most software does not rev from '6' to 1. anything...
SE is new

faster and will be the standard soon. The old build is still supported but should be phased out in a month or longer.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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