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With the recent power issues I decided that it would be nice to have an auto charger for my laptop. Then I remember the power inverters I had seen previously. In my research for one of those I ran across this deal! $29.99 + $8.00 shipping/handling (regular $119.00). Thought I would pass it along to those that might be considering something similar.

Introducing the NEW 5-in-1 compact emergency station. Ideal for portable DC power, outdoor activities or during a roadside emergency. Quickly inflate a tire, jump start your battery or use the bright spotlight or blinker for extra light. Simply plug your DC device into the DC socket and you will have power for up to 18 hours (run time varies based on DC device). This product is a must for every vehicle owner.


12 amp portable battery source that provides up to 18 hours depending on type of DC device
Auto jump starter
Air compressor that quickly inflates a low tire
Spotlight includes extra bulb
Hazard blinker light
Battery test indicator
Heavy duty cables
Cable cover
Charging indicator
Hose compartment cover
Cable cover
Pressure gauge
DC Socket
Includes wall and cigarette lighter battery charger

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I would be very cautious about wasting money on this... It hardly has enough juice to turn over a honda, it is rated at >150 cranking amps (which is not much) and only a 12 amp hour life for the battery. Even the smallest products will pull 3 to 4 amps an hour so that leaves you with 2 to 3 hours of usage max. Also, it does not have a AC outlet so you will not be able to charge laptops or cell phones unless you have a DC car charger for them.

I would keep looking there are better ones out there.
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