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I'm in the Freeport area and I'm new to the tarpon gig. I was wondering what conditions to look for, and what kind of areas to look for when searching for the king? Also, what are good tide movements and fishing techniques? I basically need a good tarpon fishing tutorial! I was fortunate enough about 12 years ago,when I was 15, to hook up with about a 5 footer 10 miles off Freeport on the middle bank, but all I got out of him was a good long, deep run followed by 3 jumps before he spit the hook. I haven't seen one since. My grand father used to run a charter boat in Freeport and fished exclusively for tarpon. That was back before DOW totally started polluting the water and he said you could almost walk across the water on the tarpon run. Man I wish I had the opportunity to fish in those days. Well my grandfather has long since past and I have the dream to catch one good tarpon for him(and me,too). I hope you guys can maybe give me a little insight on fulfilling my dream. Any help would be appreciated. FISH ON!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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