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Article in todays "The Facts" ....a local Freeport rag

Here's an article that appeared in a local newspaper today

Don't want to seem like a spammer here....time is getting close for this really good cause.

So the challenge is put forth: The ABWF can outwade, outfish and outBS the anglers of 2Cool and the CCCF......ya'll gonna sit back at take this?

Join us for "Fishstock" this weekend....nuthin but peace, love, music and fishing.

We have a Game Warden for the weigh-in and one of the local members is a professional BBQ-er....ya should get a load of his smokin rig....best in Texas. Someone threw in a couple of wild turkeys...so gonna be Smokin...plus fryers gonna be set up fresh caught fishhies. Hope to meetcha there for a mingling of the tribes.

Coming to the rescue
By Joel Luna
The Facts Published August 26, 2004

Aaron Perez, an area 11-year-old fisherman, was doing something that he has enjoyed a majority of his life when he was attacked by a shark.

After the attack on July 27, Perez was left with some injuries that will take a while to heal. As a result, Perez and his family are facing some hefty medical bills.

But local anglers are doing with they can to help the youngster out.

Anyone wishing to help the 11-year-old and his family can participate in the Aaron Perez Fishing Tournament and Auction, which is presented by the Alliance of Baffled Wade Fishermen.

The tournament is scheduled from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday at Bridge Harbor Yacht Club in Freeport. Categories available are redfish, flounder, speckled trout and shark. Redfish must be 20 to 28 inches. All fish will be measured by weight and not by length.

Prizes will be handed out to the top three in each category and all fish must be in edible condition.

"We are avid fishermen and, coincidentally, we had been fishing the night before in the same spot," moderator for ABWF Kevin Burns said. "We don't know the Perez's, but we are just trying to help a fellow angler to offset those costs that he is going to have. So far we've got people from as far as Houston going to enter this tournament."

Aaron has extensive injuries to his arm and leg.

"We are extremely appreciative of the whole community and these people who I don't even know," Aaron's father, Blas Perez said. "I didn't know what to say. We are so thankful, there is nothing adequate to say to these guys from ABWF, who are putting it together. It's people like these that help you make it through."

Blas Perez also has an update on his son.

"Aaron is feeling good," he said. "We went by the water and he grabbed a fishing rod, but he was just pretending. I told him one day, Aaron, you'll be fishing again. He will have about six months of therapy. I cannot express in words or action what these people are doing for us. I hope to be there on Saturday with Aaron at the tournament."

Some of the items to be auctioned are fishing reels, rod-reel combos, guided fishing trips, captain party boat passes, a redfish pendent, antique fishing lures and prints by a local artist. Those are just some of the items, but ABWF is taking donations for auction and prize giveaways.

The registration fee is $20 and there are three ways to register for the tournament: via the Web site www.aaronperezbenefit.com, by sending a blank e-mail to registration(at)aaronperezbenefit.com or by calling (979) 233-3600 or (979) 233-6241.



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Love that fish stock Nester. Thanks for the PR!
Cmon guys, lossen those pocket books and enjoy your weekend with us. Lot's of fun to be had by all. We can even throw some BS at each other!lol
Hope to see some good folks from this board over at the weight in.
I go by Blu, so say hi! When my stringer beats yours, then you can cry!
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