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Well, with a little luck next week at a SGA meeting to see if our club will get recognized as an official "university club", it looks as if Animal and Rick might have started a TAMUK fishing club which we have elected to call ourselves the "TAMUK ANGLERS". E.J. (or "Gill Ripper" as he is known on the boards) has free-handed a logo that us 30+ members voted on to use as our logo, with room for a little improvement. I've kind of taken it upon myself to tweak it a little so I am very open to suggestions. The fish is a "new species" that we are calling the "Javelina fish"... it actually looks like a killer bait! Bear in mind, our school mascot, for those of you who don't know, is the Javelina and our school colors are blue and yellow. Thanks for suggestions.



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