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This started out as a Prayer for Florida and as I was watching the Evening news I realized I had the need to pray for a lot more. And then the need to share it was also put upon me and so I am sharing this with you and ask that you join me in this.

Dear Lord, I humbly ask that you accept my prayer tonight.

I pray for the people of Florida facing the threat of a natural catastrophe. I pray that you keep all of your children safe and those that are meant to meet the challenge of a life, please give them the strength; Your strength to face what they must.

I pray for the children and families being held by terrorists in Chechnya. They are innocents amid a world that is fast spinning out of control. There have been many that have been released; however many more remain under the threat of those claiming to be doing your work. Deliver these captives safely out of harms way.

Our Lord, our President, George W. Bush is giving his most important speech of not only his life, but also ours, the American Citizens. Dear Lord, I have seen you guide him numerous times in the past four years. I ask that you give him the clarity, confidence and words to communicate his message as you see fit.

I pray for the people of the United States of America, along with all the other people of the World. I ask that you allow all to hear the truth and allow all to see the truth of the inappropriate moral and socially behavior and the acceptance of such downfall spiral out of control. There are no more moral standards – and those that appose Your moral standards realize that it is NOT OK. Lord, please let them see that it is not in your plan. People all over the world, for the most part, know what is right and what is wrong, however, there is the radicals that do not. Please open their eyes to the truth.

Lastly, Dear Lord, please keep all those serving in our American Military safe. I pray that they all return safely. Again, those that do not, give them and/or their family’s the strength to accept that it is your will.

These are challenging times. Probably, some of the most challenging times young American people have had to face. Keep us, our spirits, our moral and our resolve strong and our path straight. We ask humbly, please give us the words and courage to defend against the false profits .

God Bless Our Troupes. God Bless our President; President George W. Bush, and God Bless America.

I give thanks that you have heard my Prayer and say all –

In the name of the Lord,


Moderators, if this needs to be moved to the “other board”, please do so. This was a post of conviction – nothing else.

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My Turn....

Most Gracious and Merciful Father,

Thank You for all the blessings You have bestowed upon us;

If it be Your will please forgive us of our sins;

Thank You for our loved ones and please continue to bless and protect them from harm in any way;

Thank You for our friends of all faiths, and give them new strength and the wisdom to carry out your desires as you see fit;

Thank You for giving us the only one who can save us, Jesus Christ;

If it be Your will, please help me and all those who seek your help in ridding us of our problems forever;

Please work with those who do not know You and may they become those who You desire into ever lasting life.

These things I ask in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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Thank you Jesus for hearing our prayers. I trust that you will protect us and guide over us.

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Well said and well spoken. This has to be the best post that I've seen here, for a while. Thank you. I don't think this one will be moved.
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