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Thats great!

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:flag:That's exactly how I pictured it. :flag:

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Hope they are not going too far. Having to hold their bags, sit so close, uncomfortable seats. Poor guys. We treat em like that and they are defending our freedoms.

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ahhh...the memories..sad2sm -Hector
I never jumped out of a "perfectly good airplane" but here's to you Hector.


C-130 Rolling down the strip.
Airborne daddy on a one-way trip.
Mission unspoken, destination unknown.
They don't even know if they'll ever come home.
Stand up hook up, shuffle to the door.
Jump right out and count to four.
If my main don't open wide.
I've got a reserve right by my side.
If that one don't fail me too.
Look out ground, I'm a coming through
I'll hit the ground before you do!
Pin my medals upon my chest,
and bury me in the leaning rest.
When I get to heaven.
St. Peter's gonna say.
How'd you earn your livin?
How'd you earn your pay?
And I will reply with a little bit of anger:
Earned my pay as an Airborne soldier

C-130 rollin down the strip,
Airborne daddy gonna take a little trip.
Stand up, buckle up, shuffle to the door,
Jump right out and count to four.
If my chute don't open wide,
I'll be splattered on the countryside.
If my chute don't open wide,
I got another one by my side.
If that chute don't open neither,
I'll say hi to ol' St. Peter.
If I die on the ol' drop zone,
Pack me up and ship me home.
Bury me in the leanin' rest,
Tell my folks I did my best.

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