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flattie wade spots

Anderson Ways (Sportsman's Rd) in Galveston is a good area to wade for flounder. Also, you might try the Sydner bayou area (can't remember the road name) west of Scholes field. Anywhere of the coves along the so. shoreline of west bay will usually produce flounder. I have also caught a lot of flounder in the "Lagoon" on the right side of Seawall Blvd. between Stewart beach & the So. Jetty. Highland Bayou in Hitchcock is also loaded with flounder. Not too much access there, great on a falling tide if you have a yak.There's always Seawolf, but you gotta pay to park & almost always crowded.The earlier mentioned Cold Pass is a good bet too. I like the falling tide for flounder fishing, and finger mullet is hard to beat. Remember, patience...10 Mississippi, set that hook HARD! Good Luck! - Tommy
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