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My wife and I made a journey this Thanksgiving to visit family and friends in Iowa to pheasant hunt, attend church, eat Deb's Mothers mid-west dishes, and most importantly spend time with her sick Dad. But, while away we learned our 15-old chocolate lab "Brooke" took a turn for the worst, severe arthritis in her back is taking a toll on her rear legs. After arriving in Houston we rushed to the vet clinic to check up on her. The Doctor has her on IV and steroids. You see, "Brooke" is our lodge dog; if you have ever visited the lodge you will remember her. We're praying she pulls out of this.

Here is a recent article about our "Brook" the lodge dog


Before this latest cold front, chartreuse bull minnows tipped with 1/8-ounce Norton laser locks proved best over oyster shell late in the afternoon. Deep shell has been the ticket in the middle of San Antonio Bay. As of late, wade fishing has been the best method, but punching plastic to bait flipping while anchored up, will work as well. Average trout are 17-18 inches. Drifting larger lakes over mud & grass has paid off for reds. Live shrimp rigged under a popping cork is paying dividends for redfish. Prospects for the next few days look's marginal, unless we find a needle in a haystack, that is, deep-water fish. It's time for big trout to stage over predictable mud flats. We're already getting reports of 28" trout being fooled by corky lures. Guides Nathan, Cooper and Jason are hitting the water Wednesday morning for a scouting session while Guide Harold and David are scouting ahead of a busy schedule. Reports to follow.

Banded ducks continue to be checked in, we're currently at 8-bands for the first split of duck season. BFL guides Rick Hammond, David McClelland, Harold Dwoaraczk, Alan West, Cooper Hartmann, Nathan Beabout, Scott Hataway, Jason Wagenfehr and TJ Christensen teamed-up between blast & cast trips over the first split creating November as one of the best first half's we've experienced.

Host Joe Coogan with Benelli On Assignment arrives this month with Warm Springs Productions to film a duck & quail hunt using the new Benelli Vinci. We can't wait to host the crew and look forward to another exciting journey with Benelli.



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It's that easy, I just got off the phone with a young lady who purchased a gift certificate for her husband. Here's how it works. You call 1-888-677-4868 while talking with our staff, go to http://www.bayflatslodge.com/fileadmin/images/GiftCertificate.pdf
Print the Gift Certificate PDF; we will give you a reference number. You give the Gift Certificate to your favorite love one, employee, or that special person. No hassle with traffic or lines at the check out. Let Bay Flats Lodge take the hassle out of shopping.

Giving Back

It's a privilege for us to be able to harvest game from the land and water. At Bay Flats Lodge, our philosophy is to give back and protect our natural resources so future generations can enjoy the same quality of outdoor life that we have experienced. Bay Flats donates a portion of every trip back to the Lone Star Legacy Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation's restocking program. We give back to the preservation of the bay system, and the sport for those to come.

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