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A Hunter's Prayer

I saw this over on the TBH forum and thought it was really cool. It's really written from a bowhunter's perspective, but, applies to any type of hunter. Thought, some you folks here would appreciate it.

Clean Kill or No Kill, Lord

0 Lord, I am a hunter
And life I seek to take
But let me not attempt the shot
Beyond my skill to make
For Lord they are your creatures
Given for our use
But each one falls within your sight
They're not for our abuse
And when I loose my arrow
Please guide it swift and true
Or let it miss completely, Lord
That pain be not undue
A clean kill or no kill, Lord
Such is my heart's desire
Give me the skill to make it so
Or let me hold my fire
And when my time upon this earth
The days they are fulfilled
Grant that I may die at least
As clean as those I killed

Timothy D. Cook
Copyright 1998
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