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This is a good pre-storm story.
I had a check list during my mad dash from work to board up, grab the boat and some possessions before the storm. One thing on the list was to stop at Walmart and get a few things, including a nokia charger for my truck.
When I found the rack with the phone chargers, it was blocked by a hispanic woman frantically looking for a charger as well. Looking over her shoulder, I asked if she was looking for a Nokia one, because I was too. She said she was and moved over so we both could sort through the rows of cards hanging on the rack. I looked for a while and then told her that I guess we had got there too late and they were all gone. Then I walked away.........I had maybe gone fifty feet when I heard a senor, senor behind me. When I turned to look back, it was the lady beaming and coming toward me holding two Nokia chargers she had found. "I found two" she said, "and this ones for you." I thanked her profusely for her help......just a small story of a big example of human kindness.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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