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We had a good time at the beach...

In fact, we had so much fun, we went back today to visit with the walkin fella! :) By the time we got there, only Guy Nichols, Kay and Joey were still there with Jack. We enjoyed the visit. I don't know if Jack got wet or not. I think the storm moved east and missed the beach.

Yesterday was a great turnout. We got to meet a lot of TTMB'ers (new and regulars from past gatherings). All are welcome in our camp.

Ronnie (the gumbo guy) gets the long distance award. He drove all the way from Tyler just to meet Jack! rotfl! And he brought a great pot of gumbo to boot!

BertS and family (from Victoria area) - good to make your aquaintance.
Potlicker and wife - enoyed the visit with y'all
SSNJohn - good to see y'all again
Stuart and Sidecutter? I guess I missed y'all.

And even though I remained completely sober, I still forgot a few names so welcome to the gang and don't be a stranger.

Last of all, while we were packing up and preparing to take down our canopy, Susie tried to remove the propane lantern, which in turn fell and hit her shin a glancing blow just before the glass globe broke. Fortunately, she wasn't burned badly and all turned out OK. I'd like to send out a "big thank" you to everyone that quickly responded to help soothe the burn and clean up the broken glass. We really appreciate your help.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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