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I was thinking about going fishing today with another 2cooler last night. Well, he called and said he had something to do so he wasnt going to be able to make it for a wade this morning.. So i went to bed, thinking i might not go fishing.... I awoke at 5 am and for some reason bounced out of bed , looked out the window and said.. Looks like its gonna be a decent morning, so why not go fishing... I AM SO GLAD I DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was putting down the canal as daylight started and my thoughts went to finding a big trout bite... When i got to the BV bridge, i noticed the the tide was ripping out EXTREMELY fast so i made the decision to target my favorite .. REDFISH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I headed east and fished a marsh area that i enjoy with an outgoing tide.It did not disapoint.. I saw several small pods of reds and quickly had my limit by 7 am... Had about 15 fish in this area, with most being around 21".. I did see a few studs, but couldnt get them to bite.

Since i had my limit ( kept for one of my framers) i headed in search of trout.. I hit a few normal spots over by N deer and the only thing i caught was a lizard fish ( a big one too)... I was thinking about just going to harborwalk to get gas and as i turned the corner into the ICW i decided i had plenty of time since it was only about 8 or so. So i headed back into the west bay marsh.. GOOD DECISION..

I got back into some of my favorite area's and the first corner i turned into was a BIG school of reds... somewhere around 100 fish and all on the high slot size.. The school wasnt spooky and i sat there and picked them apart for about 30 minutes catching over 20 fish out of the school.. They finally got spooked by the boat and ran off. I turned the boat to head back up the marsh and There was ANOTHER SCHOOL and this one was even more fish.... If you havent seen schools pushing down the marsh before, you need to experience it.. ITS A RIOT!!!!!!!!!!!

I hit this school same as the first one and had a bunch of fish out of it before they spooked as well... Turned back up the bayou and POOF there was another one..... This was turning into an amazing morning... Somewhere around 80 fish i called Jerry (fishwish) , and Jason just because i needed someone to talk to about this record day lol... Jerry answered and we talked as i was hitting yet again another school.

I finished talking to jerry and hit the end of the area i like to fish in that marsh, so i proceeded to leave and hit a different area within the same marsh lakes..... I got to an area that is usually loaded up with boats that i have actually never fished.. For someon reason, i went back to see what was down this one particular bayou about 40ft wide.. There were TONS of groups of 4 and 5 fish everywhere. I mean it was like ever 10 yards or so, however these fish were not busting the water etc, they were just cruising the shorelines in a tad deeper water..

ITS AN AMAZING DAY IN WEST BAY.. This is my BEST REDFISH DAY EVER.. I lost count at over 100 slot reds, not a single rat red on this wonderful day and some that were oversize .....I estimate over 150 for the day.. SIMPLY AMAZING

The water fell out over 18" in just a few hours and it pulled every shrimp out of the grass and the redfish were following right behind them.

There is only one thing that could have made this day better, and that would be to have had Kaylin the boat with me... This is the kind of day I live for, and hope that everyone has a chance to have a day like this. I know im hoping tomorrow is exactly like it.

I must give credit where credit is due. Its tough to beat the setup i was using today... All fish were caught on a Shimano Cumara with a 50mg with 30# sufix and TTF soft plastics!!!!!

Below is a link to some video on my facebook page!!!!!!!!

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