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A beginner's guide to THRC 18 Racing

I was speaking with someone just the other night who had a few questions about how to get started racing with us. I felt that a tutorial discussing each class might be helpful.

Associated Rally

This is a spec class based on the Team Associated 18r (rally)

no other car is allowed unless approved by the race director

stock kit motor (brushed)

stock "type" battery - no lipos

2 types of tires are allowed

-stock kit tires

-3 racing replacement tires

any body designed for the 18r

Exotek kits are allowed

any ESC

1/12 Pan Car

any 1/12 pan car

Stock brushed, or stock equivalent brushless motors

4 cell NiMH packs - no lipos

Off Road

Any 1/18 kit allowed. Exceptions will be made for slightly larger (1/16) at descretion of race director

any motor/esc combo (brushed or brushless)

any battery (lipos approved)

any tire

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