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9lb Star Tournament Trout

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For those of us who didn't fish today in the rain, I heard from a reliable source that an angler whom I will not mention his name but his initials are KS caught a 9 lb Trout this morning at the Surfside Jetties in the rain. The Star Tournament fish was weighted in at Beach Bait & Tackle still alive at 9:30 this morning. To his credit KS lead the Star Tournament much of last year with an 8.8 Trout, he also had a fish over 6lbs this morning.
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OK I'm ignorant, what's a piggie?
kenny said:
Piggies are deadly for big jetty trout.
Congrats to the fellow with the 9# trout. If he caught it this morning he's probably lucky he didn't get struck by lightning.......twice. LOL
triple f said:
sorry...........I had to.........
Dang, that piggie's got better chicklets than I do!
1 - 2 of 56 Posts
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