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9/25 East Matty heating up !

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After 2 1/2 months of drift fisherman and fighting strong winds, I have been dieing to get some hard core wade fishing in.My better half Cindy was also needing some time off after starting up a new office and not haveing been fishing in awhile....she had been haveing w/draws from the saltwater. LOL..With no trips last week we decided it was time to go have some quality time " assaulting the salt ". :)
Wednesday we hit West Matty w/ strong NE winds and 3 keeper reds w/ half a dozen a little on the short side.
Thursday we went east w/ the same strong NE winds but found the trout bite good over mud/grass/mixed shell.20 trout and 1 red fell prey to our soft plastics.Norton Sand Eel Jrs in limeberry doctored up " Itailan Stallion style " and Hogie Diablos in the roach color were the baits of choice.
The bay temp was 77, a little cool at first when getting in the water.In a few weeks, us cold natured guys will be in breathables!

Fishing is starting to bust wide open.Fall is right around the corner and the high tides from Ike along w/ the Equinox tides will flush the marshes of all its contents.Trout,flounder and redfish will be waiting to gorge themselves along the shorelines.....be there and like they say " It will be on like Donkey Kong ! "
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