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You seemed to want your pics to get looked at so I will start a thread for you. I like pics of fish as much as anyone else, but without any details they are just pics. Are any of the pics of you, maybe a friend or family? I can judge from the clothes that they are fall or winter. So are they a year old,maybe older? The pic of the guy in the grey hooded shirt I saw a year or so ago. Like said before we catch bull reds up to 50". We also catch hundreds of reds each year between 35"-48" .I will add a few links to some of my reports, each will have the date and usually some info on what we caught them on, or what was working the best.





This page has many of my reports from early this year. I usually post a report every weekend. Most were lost earlier this year when the site crashed.


Now for your pics

Like said before I saw this one a year or so ago, can not rember the dealtails can you help out? thanks


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me with a 41" rock in may 2004

me with a over 50" red may 15 2003

me with a 23" spade ches light spring 2004

me with a 40" puppy oct 5, 2004

me with 47 1/2" red oct 5th 2004

i got more ill post them when i have time...
Oh and I like your kayak pics im getting one to fish The Chesapeake Bays Eastern Shore in for Cobia and Reds in the spring any help full advice on them would be nice...
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