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88 Mercury 25hp Help!!

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I'am just looking for some advice on what to do next!!

I have a 1988 Mercury 25hp tiller outboard that has recently been giving me problems. The motor is idling at much lower rpm than usual, and when I go to accelarate in will bog down intermittently, but once it is up and running it runs fine. I have drained the fuel tank checked the screen in the tank, replaced plugs, replaced one of the coils, checked spark, and ran Power Tune through the motor. The only thing I can think of to check next would be the carb (low idle jet). :help: If anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated!
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I'm rebuilding the carb right now on a 2003 25 merc..there is one ajustment screw on the top...still waiting for the carb kit to come in...will let you know how it runs.
New Update!!!!

:idea:***New Update*** The motor was running like normal the other day with the intermittent bogging issue, and then after running at WOT for about 3 minutes I slowed down to idle and the engine backfired through the carb, could this be a Idle Jet issue?
Could be a partially clogged idle jet, a mixture screw out of adjustment, an ethanol issue with your fuel, an unlevel float in your carburetor, or a couple other things. Are you running a portable tank or a fixed tank for fuel? Does your primer bulb get hard when you prime the system?
The primer bulb is hard, and I am running a portable tank. Like I said once you get it going it runs like nothing is wrong at planing speeds. its just when you are idling and go to take off it will bog down and die, so I know its starving for fuel.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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