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85% gas to ethanol ratio

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NOW LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT! THE GOVERNMENT AND THE ENVIROMENTALIST INSIST THAT WE USE ETHANOL TO HELP REDUCE EMISSIONS. adding ethanol to gas will lower the mpg that your vehicle will get. so hypothetically if you get 20 mpg now my you will only get say 16 mpg. so now you have to buy more volume of fuel to get the same distance. where you would buy say 16 gallons of fuel to get a certain distance now you have to buy 20 gallons of fuel to get that same distance.WHICH INTURN MEANS YOUR'E STILL USING THE SAME AMOUNT OF GAS THAT YOU ORIGINALY WOULD USE IF THEY DIDN'T ADD THE ETHANOL TO GAS IN THE FIRST PLACE. THAT REALLY ****** ME OF!
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Ive noticed about .5 mpg drop in city driving over the past 3 or 4 weeks on the new summer blend of 10%
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