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Do you know what the name of this tune is?

Click Here
Name That Tune!
Be patient, give it time to load.

If you're using Windows and need QuickTime
go here for the free download:

You'll never be sorry you have QuickTime!

Then, post the name of that tune!


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(Marching music; no words)

The march takes its title from the motto of the U. S. Marine Corps: Semper Fidelis -- Always Faithful. It was dedicated to those who inspired it - the officers and men of the United States Marine Corps. In Sousa's own words: "I wrote Semper Fidelis one night while in tears, after my comrades of the Marine Corps had sung their famous hymn at Quantico." It became one of his most popular marches, and Sousa considered it his best march, musically speaking. According to Sousa, Semper Fidelis is one of the five most effective street marches. The others are The Thunderer, National Emblem, Washington Post, and High School Cadets.
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