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7' G-Loomis Blank ?

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I have a 7' G-Loomis Blank i want to finally wrap. I know how to build rods, and have wrapped several for myself.
I bought this blank a couple years ago because it was an expensive blank i was able to buy really cheap. Now im getting around to wrapping it but i am not sure what kind of rod to make out it that will work well.
Here are the specs on it.
7' G-Loomis IMX Slate spin blank, 8-15lb, Fast Action, Medium Heavy Power.

I would like to make a casting rod out of it but i dont know what type of fishing this blank would be well suited for. Any ideas?
Jeff H,
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That is an excellent rod for throwing popping corks and live bait. It is also a good all-around blank for fishing the bays. It will handle top waters and MirroLures very well. You should be able to fish it well with 1/4 oz. jig heads and plastic. You've got yourself a winner there.
That sounds good to me, exactly what i was wanting to use it for but i thought it would be a little to stiff. Guess not.
What would be a good reel for this rod. Would a Curado be to small or just right?
might be a little stiff for the 1/4 oz...and really too big for the 1/8 or no weight...the IMX series are great rods, the med heavy might feel like a board, but it is still like my two daughters...verrrryyy sensitive

curado is great choice, one on of mine i also put on a the quantum saltwater series reel loaded with braided line...7:1 ratio: fast and sensitive set-up

What about guide sizes? About 2 years ago when i got the blank i wrote down the sizes i wanted but i dont remember how or where i got the sizes from.
What do you guys think? 12-10-10-10-8-8-8 and either a 8 or 6 tip.
Im going to try a split grip also if i can get everything together to turn the handle.
Jeff H.
i have built many Imx 8400's. if the rod is for wade fishing I normally cut off 5 inches from the but. The action stays the same but the weight is a little less. I normally use SIC single foot guides and use a pattern of 7,7,8,8,10,12,16 with the 16 being a double foot I use a 6 for the tip. Just my 2 cents.
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