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I had to postpone Msgt. Gonzales Memorial Tournament and Auction until August 18, but five wounded soldiers from Brooke Army Medical Center still arrived with Hunts for Heroes on Friday in Sargent, TX, for a weekend of R & R. They had their weekend passes and were not going to give them back! We introduced them to their guides and ate dinner at the Iron Cactus. I let them know the night life in Sargent was very limited and left it up to them choose their activities. They decided to get in some R & R along with a few pool, shuffle board, and dart games at the V.F.W.

A break from the bad weather that caused me to postpone the tournament, the weather on Saturday was outstanding. I fished with Sgt. James, I'm sorry I forgot his last name right now, on Capt. Cabness' boat. He boxed 1 nice trout but got feeling sick. He was not sea sick but it was his injuries that got to him. On the way back he started apologizing for cutting our fishing day short. I told him that we did not care about having to come in and we were there for him and to make his weekend enjoyable and relaxing. The other two Capt.'s Sandefer and Luetge stayed out longer and caught a few trout and reds. The fishing was a little slow, with all the messed up weather we had been having, but that did not matter to these warriors.

We planned a boat parade for our heroes which got under way at 3:00 pm... There were not a lot of people down for the weekend, but the ones that were there stood out on their docks and cheered with American flags. Also my good friends "The Red Bend Boys" joined the parade and hung American Flags on their boats. The troops had a great time on the parade, yelling and cheering back to the folks, like athletes in a high school game.

After docking Capt. Hank fired up the grill and grilled steaks and made a great pot of dirty rice along with other fixings. A poker game got started up after sunset. Two soldiers (one from Arkansas and one from Montana) hung out on the dock and caught a red, blue cats, and a big o ugly gar. Man those boys were fired up about that gar. They said it busted out of water like a Marlin and was an outstanding fight. Those two troopers were true anglers, sitting on the edge of their seats constantly watching the rod tips.

I would like to add these five young men were truly part of America's best, courteous, kind, respectful, and well spoken. They were proud to be serving our country even with serious future physical challenges ahead of them. They never once spoke of regret but instead of an honor, standards, and full of spirit. I wish I could tell the honor I feel to have had this weekend with them. I know now what my dad felt in DESERT SHIELD when he said he bonded with them. I will invite any of you, who may have an opportunity to take a wounded hero as a guest on your boat or ranch to take it. I will assure you it will make you feel better about yourself and open your eyes and heart of the character and charisma of a true warrior.
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