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Started heading out of Sabine on 7/16/06 with the intention of fishing the near shore rigs. First trip for both Pops and the 22' Pathfinder to venture outside of the jetty. Thanks to the two thunderstorms east and west we decided to try our luck pitching ¼ ounce DOA's at the jetty wall. The action was awesome. We boated eight trout and one Spanish mac. within 45 min. All trout were in the 17"-22" range.

The T/S broke so we headed out to find calm seas and a nice weed line on the clear water break. Within 10 seconds of the first troller hitting the water I had my first chicken dolphin ever. Due to my lack of experience I did not know to keep it in the water. Several others were following under the boat.

We continued out and made a few passes near a couple of rigs. Managed to bring in 2 kings and one more Spanish mac. After loosing our only trolling jig to a hungry king we headed in to find more carpet at the clear water break. Picked up 3 triple tail and called it a great day.

Thanks to everyone that helped me find the pathfinder. I'm very pleased!!!

Total for the day:


2-Spanish Macs


3-Triple Tail

Lessons learned:

  • Keep one chicken dolphin in the water to keep the school around.
  • NEVER try to stop a free spooling line with your thumb when a king is attached to the other end.


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