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7-11 thru 7-14 Port A (60 hr Tuna Trip)

Guys sorry for the late report. This is long and includes 2 days of bay fishing along with the 60 hr Tuna Trip.

Sunday- Got to Rockport around 1:00 and went to Cove Marina. Ran down to a shoreline fishing scattered shell and grass in waist deep water. Found a topwater with super spooks and some plastics were thrown. Put 8 trout in the boat between 20"-24", lost 5-6 trout trying to string them. Not a bad way to start the week.
Monday- Left out of Cove Marina again and went to same shoreline. The bite was a little shallower and not as fast. Found a good topwater bite in about 6" of water close to the shoreline. Put 3 keeper trout on the stringer between countless dinks and rat reds. Went out deep and managed to pick up 3 more trout. Ended the morning with 8 trout again. Went in and took a nap until 4:00 and then hit East Flats. When we pulled up to the hole we noticed a huge wake and a dorsal fin, thought it might be a shark but were not sure. We found out about ten minutes later that indeed there was a 5' Bull shark fishing the same water we were. That was a little unnerving, but fun none the less. Put one trout on the stringer and hooked 2 dinks and 1 rat red, all on topwaters.

Tuesday- We left to go to Port A and get on the boat for the big 60 hour trip. Got our bunks situated and went to sleep for a few hours. Woke up as we were putting out trolling gear. Not much happened on the 15 hour boat ride to the Floaters, except getting spooled by a large fish. I have never seen a 14/0 get spooled in less than 30 seconds, the reel was screaming and smoking (literally, smoking).
Got to the floater of choice for the night and started hauling in little Blackfin Tuna. At about 1:00 a.m. the bite got hot and we started putting some Yellowfin and bigger Blacks in the boat. I was unfortunate and did not get a YF but had fun. I did have two hooked up and had some newbies break me off by throwing their diamond jigs over my line. I was trying to get under them but they would not move! No common sense!

Wed- Trolled around all day waiting for the night tiem bite to happen. Caught 2 wahoo and a dorado on the troll. Jigged up a few tuna and I lost 2 diamond jigs to wahoo. The night time bite started slow and pretty much stayed slow. I put one monster BF in the boat and that was it until we moved. We moved to another floater nearby and found the tuna going nuts. Unfortunately we only had about an hour and a half to fish. I netted a flying fish that was swimming a little too close to the boat. Used him for bait as they are known to be 'Tuna Candy'. I thought for sure this was going to yield a Yellowfin for me, but another big BF came to the boat and that was it.

Thursday- Spent 15 hours getting back to the dock to clean around 20 Tuna. By the time we got to the fish cleaning station it was 8:00 pm and when we were done we had a 120 qt. ice chest full to the top with Tuna fillets. After getting done at 10:30 we went to find something to eat.

Friday- Time to go home. Went out to the truck and the ice chest is missing along with 150 pounds of tuna meat. We found it around the corner behind a fence. Some drunk idiot had decided it would be funny to dump out all of the meat and leave it laying there.
They didn't even steal the ice chest, just wanted to be an idiot and dump out a lot of meat. I was ****** and there was nothing we could do.

All in all it was a fun and relaxing trip with beautiful weather and sunsets. I will probably head back down in a couple of weeks to get some more trout and relax. Hope everyone had as good a week as I did.

On a side note: The Dolphin out of Dolphin Docks is one of the slowest boats I have ever been on. I will not do this trip again due its slowness and due to the fact that there were too many inexperienced people on board.
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