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Took a riding buddy of mine and his son fishing today, there first time in the salt. Had a very nice time. Conditions were pretty much as forecast as we headed out. First stop a platform in 65 feet, nice clean green water. Had two big kingfish right off the bat running, both came unbottoned. No more action there. Off to a platform in 90 feet. Water was very clear blue/green. Travis (the 10 year old) got his first taste of a smoker king (pic 1). Several more smaller kings there, and some mysterious break offs. Travis began to feel sea sick, so we opted to head in to the jetties. North jetty had four boats parked at the end, all catching medium size drum. We had another mysterious break off....the motor will do that if you get the line too close. After a bit we went and anchored up on the edge of the shipping channel just inside the bay to try and chum up some sharks in the outgoing tide. Not five minutes later a freeline sardine on the 20# outfit went off...guess what it was...see pic #2. Very cool, in the bay no less. After another 20 minutes or so, the sharks began to show up and we hooked a nice 6-7 foot blacktip...I do believe the healthiest and chunkiest one I have ever seen. Shark was whipped after the long fight, so we skipped pictures and sent him on his way without delay. After that, The newbies were tired and happy so home we went. Nice trip nice day.
Sabiki rigs are quickly becoming my favorite variety catcher. Tally for the day on Sabikis
4 hardtails
3 hardheads
2 keeper red snapper
1 very large silver sea trout
1 trigger fish
1 5 pound jack crevalle
several lost toothy things
one ufo that almost spooled my bait catcher set up befre he came unbottoned.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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