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Fished w/ Capt. Brian Wilson out of Freeport Sunday. We were hoping to go deep, but the weather obviously wasn't on our side. We ended up anchoring about 1/2 mile off the jetties. Started out really slow, with only 1 bull shark 4.5 feet in the first hour. Got hot after that with good size reds and drum going crazy, with several double and triple hook ups. On a funny side note, one of the guys got sick in the first 10 minutes, but he may have been our lucky charm. We had him alternate which side of the boat he yakked on, as we were getting a quick bite right after he puked. Final numbers were 1 bull shark, 2 black tip pups, 7 reds 31" to 40", 8 or 9 big uglies to 35", 4 gafftops. Everthing was released in good conditions except 1 red(hook was swallowed, so he was kept) and the gafftops. Pics to follow.
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