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5 yr olds first trout!!!!

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I took the wife and oldest (5yr) out for a fishing adventure. It was their first time on the "new" boat. We got in the water at daybreak and headed to my old reliable stomping grounds-the Jetties!!! Had to play captain as well as deckhand today so needless to say this trip was about them. Put the shrimp under the cajun thunder for my wife and she gets hooked up with a nice 20" trout right off the bat. Then after a lull gets hooked up with a mack. My son wanted to keep everything (legal of course) so we boxed it. The morning went on without any action for my son, so the next fish we hooked we let him drag it in. Turned out to be an undersized Mack. Needless to say he was starting to get bored. So I decided to tie him on his favorite, which is a plastic. 1/8 oz jighead with a Mardi Gras Bull Minnow did the trick. He casts out and while SLOWLY reeling in yells out "I got one!". The wife and me both say sarcastically "good job" and continue doing our own thing. Then when I heard his drag start to scream I turned and sure enough, he's bowed over. The first thing I did was grab the camera as this was his first everything on our boat I wanted to get a snap shot. As he battled the beast, I noticed that it was a decent size trout. Withe my wife holding him by the lifejacket so the MONSTER doesn't pull him overboard, I took a couple of photos. You talk about proud parents.....MAINLY DADDY!!!!! My wife ends up netting a nice healthy 16" trout!! Not bad for a 5yr old with a Bull Minnow!! Ended up being his only one for the day but it was weel worth it! The wife ended up catching 2 trout and 3 keeper mack. So all in all it was a great day. The only fishing the I got to do was when we went to East Bay and looked for some birds. Finally found a small group and caught up to them. Some guy comes off a reef and PLOWS right through them. Oh well, that's how it goes. Sorry for the long post but I am a happy daddy!! I look forward to many more of these days!! Oh yeah, the shrimp (bait) ate good!


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I will cherish moments like this forever! And, to top it off, he loves to hunt!!! Woohoo. We are off to a great start.
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