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I found this interesting:

Owned and maintained by National Data Buoy Center
3-meter discus buoy
ARES 4.4 payload
29.003 N 94.803 W (29°0'11" N 94°48'11" W)

Site elevation: sea level
Air temp height: 4 m above site elevation
Anemometer height: 5 m above site elevation
Barometer elevation: sea level
Sea temp depth: 0.6 m below site elevation
Water depth: 15.9 m
Watch circle radius: 52 yards

42035 went adrift on 09/12/2008 and the last report from that moored position (29.249N 94.408W) was 1800Z. On 09/14/2008, the buoy re-moored itself south of Galveston at the position posted above.
Click here to see the latest position.


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The move means it had enough bouyancy to float it's anchor and strong enough line that the anchor didn't break. Once it hit the same depth, the anchor caught and it started reporting again. Whoever designed and built that should take a bow.
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