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At least no one got hurt, unless you count the bird, lol.

USAF ACC Officials Release F-15E Accident Report A bird strike caused an F-15E Strike Eagle's engine to fail, forcing the crew to eject during a training mission May 6 near Callaway, Va., according to Air Force investigators.

The pilot and weapons system officer ejected safely and were not injured.

The $42 million aircraft, assigned to the 335th Fighter Squadron at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, N.C., crashed in a field and was destroyed upon impact.

According to an Air Combat Command accident investigation board report released Aug. 2, investigators determined a large black vulture was ingested into aircraft's right engine, causing the engine to fail and starting a fire.

The report cited several contributing factors including damage to multiple control and mechanical systems that rendered the aircraft uncontrollable.

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Dang, vultures are all feathers anyway. Cant believe that was the true cause to the problem. Wonder how our airlines would react to a vulture through the engine? I've heard of the chicken tests. LOL
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