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This is an e-mail from his mother.

Thank you guys for all of your prayers.

Things can turn around in a hurry.


Kevin's scheduled date of discharge is on track for the first Monday in August. We meet with his surgical team tomorrow Monday July 17 to discuss the date of Phase 2 facial surgery. We also will meet with the oral surgical team to discuss dates for surgery sometime this week.

His phsyical requirement before discharge were to be

able: to get out of bed and into a wheelchair by himself, to get from the wheelchair to the bathroom by himself, to get rid of the phenomia before getting his tracheotomoy removed, and to get his jaws unwired.

Thus far this past week, he has been working very hard with the speech therapist/physical therapist. He can now pull himself up from the bed, but his right leg/arm still can't support his still frail weight of his body. He has finally stretched his tight back muscles out enough so that he isn't crying from the pain of his physical therapy.

His lungs are looking so good, that he hardly coughes at all. If he can keep his tracheotomy cap on for 24 hours they will remove his trach Monday/Tuesday.

Yesterday, he kept it on for 11 hours. Today it has been on for 12 hours already.

The surgerons will discuss a date tomorrow for the jaws to be unwired. At that time he will be on a liquid diet, until his throat muscles/stomach are ready for solid food. His stomach will be tested again this week for accepting food, through a tube. Right now his food tube is currently directly into the small intestine. His pancreas levels are still good.

His arms/legs are getting strong from the physical therapy. It is so amazing to see a difference in the right side. Six weeks ago it wouldn't move when peirced with an ink pen. Now he is able to lift them up and move them in any direction.

I will update you again after his doctor's appointments.

Please pass this on to anyone you know that is praying for Kevin.

Thank you again for the continued prayers for our son.

There have been so many miracles since Kevin's June 2 ATV accident. Brian and I are very blessed.

Cindy Metras


Kayak Fisher
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Thank you so much for the report.

Holy Father,

Bless your name for responding to prayers for Kevin. Your love and your mercy overwhelm. You give more than we ever can ask. Praise you for your love and watchcare over Kevin. Continue to heal and bless him. Continue to bless and comfort his family during Kevin's recovery.

In the precious name of Jesus I pray. Amen.

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Well now, that's what I'm talking about. Wasn't supposed to live, wasn't supposed to be able to move, looked like he would lose both eyes, can anybody say miracle.

We read in the Bible about Jesus healing people and consider it miraculous. Can anybody say, modern day miracle. PRAYER WORKS!
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