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30 rem ?

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I found while cleaning out a closet at my mom's place a Rem gamemaster pump 141 if I remember right. in 30 rem i know its a long shot and the gun is more of a wall hanger but i killed my first deer with shooting 40 yr old ammo and the reason i stored it 5 yrs ago was i ran out of ammo . does anyone have a box or two or maybe even some dies or were i good get some , iknow its a long shot but hey why not?
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I think this is all I have:

I do not see it listed at Conley Precision Cartridge or Superior Ammo, but you could give them a call and ask. Superior is not cheap but if they can get brass and bullets they should be able to load it.

You could try some gun shows as well.

If you can't find dies some of the manufacturers will make a custom set. It looks like Midway has a few sets of dies available.
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