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What is the first fishing memory you have?

I remember growing up in Fannett Texas and staying the night at a buddy's house of mine, we were in 5th grade. I woke up early the next morning and heard his brother getting his tackle gear ready. I asked where he was going and he said "fishin'" with a smile on his face. I asked if I could tag along and unannoyed he said yes!

He grabbed a fishing pole for me (an old zebco and uglystick) and we headed out on foot. Took us about an hour to get where we were walking but when we got there...OH BOY was it a beautiful sight! The sun coming up, birds singing, and the water as smooth as glass reflecting the orange and pink colors from the sky. I remember him putting on a spoon (at the time I had no idea what that was lol) and we began to fish!

At first the day went by slow, tons of hang ups and me almost hooking my buddy's brother in the face lol. As the day passed and he pulled lunch out of a bag he brought, things seemed to pick up! BOOM! My "spoon" gets swallowed and all I can think is YEESSS I have a fish! So i reel him in, not even setting the hook. We get him on the bank and it was a beautiful large mouth bass. My friend's brother (who I felt like was my friend now) taught me on the next one how to set a hook. One after the other we pulled bass out of the pond.

I remember walking home that evening and my buddy running up to us asking me where I had been. As I held a christmas tree of fish on a stringer into the air I shouted back "FISHIN"!


What is your first fishing memory?
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