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I know I am three-four days late with this but I shot out of town the following day and just got back in, downloaded the pics, and had a moment to reflect on the tournament.

I also know others have said it but I wouldn't feel right it I didn't throw in my comments on what a wonderful job Muddskipper and Boat did on the tournament. I know you guys experienced some angst on it coming together and I am glad you hung in because it was one of the better tournaments we have done through 2Cool IMO. Way to go guys!

Pam and Pat also deserve a HUGE thank you from me personally for taking on the benefit portion of this thing and making it seem so easy when I know the amount of work that went into it! You ladies are awesome. I owe both of you a girls night out! Kim also was a great help with her vast knowledge of how to make those raffles work, her donation of tickets, and assistance the day of the event in selling tix to the crowd.

Again, thanks to everyone who made it happen and a HUGE thanks to all who attended.

What a wonderful turn out! We had people coming from Sabine, Dallas, and Corpus to make the day. 2Cool is, well, 2Cool for making it so successful.
I enjoyed meeting so many familiar folks and especially loved Reggie's cool doggy shirt.

Here are a few pics I managed to get while I was there. Thanks again to all!

1) Monte's new 2Cool tattoo;
2) I called Zac while Keith was doing a set;
3) Monty doin what he does best - chillin' with friends.


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2cool pics

Nice pics chicky. That was a really neat gesture you did giving me a call and letting me listen in on the music. Funny thing is Jan didnt know at the time that MT Stringer had called me at the same time from the other side of the room on my home number. So I had cell in one ear and land line in the other. We have reached another 2cool milestone, move over Al Gore this one is ours. Its the new and improved 2COOL SURROUND SOUND!!!!!!!!:rotfl: Thanks to my brother Kieth too for bringing the band and givin yall some tunes. Feller can sing.

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