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The little event we threw over the weekend at Lutes Marine on Chocolate Bayou, had a number of anglers make it out, trying to give the flounder a helping hand.

The tournament had two divisions for the flat fish, longest & shortest flounder.

There were 26 Live flounder brought in, that were transferd to tanks that would be used for breeding Galveston Bay fish.

3 of the 26 were over 20" and eligible for the Flounder Revelotion program.

  • James Roberson 22.5" and 6.5lbs
  • James Johnson 21"
  • Kyle Bradley 20 1/16"
The big 22.5" one, was full of eggs, and Shane Bonnet the biologist said he would try to strip spwn her very soon.

I had the opportunity to fish with the maker of the Flounder Pounder, Phil Ortiz. He was amazing! I watched him catch 5 flounder out of one spot, and all he did was pitch the jig, under handed about 10' from the boat.

Luckly I had a permit from TPWD to retain all the flounder we catch in the live well since I was organizing the tournament. All made it safely to the big tank, and are now part of the broodstock for the Galveston flounder.

If you have the chance at the next Holder Fishing show, get Phil to show you his technique ...... it takes some time to master it.... but works!!!

FLOUNDER POUNDER's work great, and out fished live bait !!!!

He also shared a tip, for the Gup lovers out there.....
Phil said you can take a q-tip, soak the tip in the Gulp juice, and force the broken tip into one of his baits ....and BOOM !!! the best of both worlds....

Thanks for all who showed up and helped out a needed resource

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