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248 Wellcraft

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Looking at getting a 1984 248 wellcraft with a 1993 225 johnson .The price is low.The owner said it runs good but you know how that works.The boat is near tyler texas and I live in dickinson (250 +- miles) is this a good boat?is it worth the drive to look,don't know much about Wellcraft boats in that year.
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I have a 248 offshore, but they also built a coastal 248. Darn good boats, very heavy, very stable, huge deep V, and mine has over 3200 hours on it, most all of it offshore. They are rated for 325 HP, although mine came from the factory with 340.
Been running a 215 Aquasport for 10 years. They are 'kissin cousins'..Both made by Genmar..only difference is the decals.. Great hull..taken a lot of wear and abuse for a long time and shines up like new with a little effort. Recommend the brand. Think Aquasport division is being shut down in favor of Wellcraft (But not sure..no Aq dealers in Houston area any more). Good dry running boat.. Just have motor checked out by a good mechanic you can trust...You'll have a good 'un if you go for her..

Had a buddy with a 248 center console. It was the wettest boat I've ever fished out of. If it has a full windshield like Mont's you might be ok. If not I'd wear my trunks offshore.
Well looks like someone was trying to find a sucker and its not me.The guy was trying to pull a scam.If it sounds to good to be true it isnt
ebay second chance offer.the scamer said the winner backed out and he would sell the boat to me for my highest bid.Well I checked it out through ebay and turns out the dude never owned the boat and I dont think he even lives in the US.The red flags went up when he wanted more info than I felt was needed.Be carefull scammers are everwhere.This is one guy phishing that got skunked
What kind of info did he want??

Just so I know...
First just name and address and ebay user name. Then they wanted more .Just remember to NEVER give out any password.they didnt ask but it was coming.Thats the way they work.When dealing with ebay they have ways to check these things so if you feel something isnt on the up and up check it out and make sure its legit.
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