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24' triton question

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what would yall guess that a 24' triton with dual 200 hpdi run. went and looked at one today and the only non factory extras is a radio and it seemed a little pricey.

does anybody know the quality of the boat?
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I checked out that same boat the other day at LMC. They're always ready for me to trade my 23' Hydrasport in, which I bought 6 mos used from them last summer. Quoted new boat price was a tad over 80k. I think I'll stick with what i got. Putting on a radar next week. With all the electronics, including radar, I'm still under 45k. Granted only a single 4 stroke, but almost another 40k for slightly bigger & 1 more engine, is insane. If i drop 80k, it's gonna be on a used 28-30' rig, w/ all the bells & whistles.
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