We are offering this entire motor complete with lower unit and gear-case and everything you see. We acquired this motor through a trade in and did a compression test and know that it’s going to need a rebuild. We have not done anything to investigate what happened to the motor or what’s wrong with it, nor are we guaranteeing anything about this motor- we don’t know if it’s a head gasket, or what’s up.

Come stop by our location if you’d like to inspect it in person, or send a mechanic. We absolutely want to be honest and offer the best deal possible on anything we sell, and will demonstrate more issues than most other sellers as we’d rather you be impressed as opposed to disappointed.

In the spirit of this good energy, please reach out to us if you have any questions, as we’d love to accommodate your needs. We have lots of other motor and parts available we will be listing, and if we don’t sell this motor whole, we will re-list the lower and the parts individually.
If there’s something that you need, let us know, as we may have what you’re looking for.

Here’s the description the motor as we see it: this motor is absolutely beautiful, under the cowling is not corroded. All the parts are as they should be- nobody has played with the interior to see what’s going on. I have personally bought and sold over a 1000 outboard motors, and this is one of those that I believe is worthy of a rebuild, but we are certainly starting the price below the value of just the lower unit or tilt n trim. So please make an offer accordingly, this is for local pickup only. If we are to accommodate shipping for you, it will cost at least $700 and you will have to pay it. But we do not have the capability of doing shipping quotes for everyone, as we aren’t setup for this. Please accept our apology for this.

Compression test numbers:
1: 140
2: 140
3: 120
4: 74
5: 108
6: 0

Contact us at 3six1-4four3-0zero00 for more information, and to take it off our hands! We are located at 9237 SPID, Corpus Christi. You can also send us an email at [email protected]