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Big Red said:
I had a lady call me today and ask if I was o.k. and I said what are you talking about. She replied "your truck has been sitting in my front of my house for 2.5 days!" I told her my truck had been stolen and she said "well its right here!" So I called the police and went over there to confirm and sure enough it was there! They took all my stereo equipment, a tackle bag with lures, sunglasses, camera and some other stuff, but boy am I glad to have my truck back! The police didn't even bother with fingerprints, but I'm sure they deal with a lot of these everyday. Thanks for all the support.
Glad to hear you got your truck back. One thing that kind of gets under my skin is the fingerprinting deal though. Most likely the person that stole the vehicle has been booked before and has some sort of record. Remember last year when Roger Clemens' Hummer got stolen from his son's school. Well after that happened they fingerprinted his truck, but they won't do that for a regular Joe to catch these scumbags. I'm sure this does happen alot, but really how much does it really take to do a little fingerprinting? IMO his truck getting stolen is no different than anyone elses. They should treat all cases the same no matter what your name or social status is, but hey can't be crooked without the govt involved.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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