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2004 Ford F-250 STOLEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I was eating lunch in Clear Lake yesterday (06/12/06) at the Oriental Gourmet on el camino and ramada from 11:45 to 12:25 and when I walked out the front door I did not see my truck. I was hoping my brother was playing a "funny" joke on me, but he assured me he wasn't. My truck had been stolen! So I called HPD and filed a report and spent half the day talking to my insurance company. This is just unbelievable! I have worked very hard and earned what I have and some p.o.s. took it away. The insurance company will take care of me, but thats besides the fact. I need my truck for my business! Anyway, if anyone spots a red 2004 F-250, powerstroke, 4 door, license number 51HRL1 give HPD a call! I'm sure its gone by now, but I thought I would vent a little and maybe someone will see it. It also had the words "Captain Cody's Adventures" on the back with my phone number.
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Yes, Dragnet, Lojack is around but I hear it isn't cheap.

Don't forget about the alarms they have now that have remote
receivers that alert you when the alarm goes off on your vehicle. That
way you know if someone is breaking into it even if you are too far
away to hear the alarm going off.
yeah then you can go out there and get yore arse kicked and yore truck stolen all at the same time. :D
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