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2004 Ford F-250 STOLEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I was eating lunch in Clear Lake yesterday (06/12/06) at the Oriental Gourmet on el camino and ramada from 11:45 to 12:25 and when I walked out the front door I did not see my truck. I was hoping my brother was playing a "funny" joke on me, but he assured me he wasn't. My truck had been stolen! So I called HPD and filed a report and spent half the day talking to my insurance company. This is just unbelievable! I have worked very hard and earned what I have and some p.o.s. took it away. The insurance company will take care of me, but thats besides the fact. I need my truck for my business! Anyway, if anyone spots a red 2004 F-250, powerstroke, 4 door, license number 51HRL1 give HPD a call! I'm sure its gone by now, but I thought I would vent a little and maybe someone will see it. It also had the words "Captain Cody's Adventures" on the back with my phone number.
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ya know, its our tax dollars that pay for law enforcement. cant we INSIST they take the finger prints?? at least get them put in a data base and maybe these scum bags will get caught SOMEDAY.
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