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Thanks in advance— I’ll do my best here

This is a famous hull that was designed in beautiful Flour Bluff ,Texas and was built off of the 20 foot Shoalwater platform which is an iconic v skiff tunnel-boat for Southtexas / it has alotta extras .. too many to outline//

The scout goes all out choppy waters a little Madre, 75% of the year hoe will also clear 6 inches of water hole shot with a 150 hp engine although it only needs a 90 hp to plane out however my suggestion would be to put a 115 to 130 hp four stroke would you be ideal for long trips to Baffin which this hull was designed to do //

No motor - however I’ll discuss the situation//

Water pump failed and compression on the top right cylinder is at 60 pounds the remaining five cylinders are between 115 pounds and 118 pounds

Mechanics say, and feel, and so the way that it is a head gasket reach on that cylinder as the spark plug is steam clean. The good news is the motor starts and runs and quite honestly most would not even notice that it was bad however, we know motors, and we know it’s on its last leg if this head gasket is not replaced. $600-$1200

this boat still starts and runs and I had 35 mph just last week. This boat was running at 52 mph before the head gasket breach.

Are there are no knocks, rattles or taps to speak of. However, once again, this motor will need a head gasket.


Solid floors.

Solid transom

Great glasses in console

2 Live wells

Tons of storage

Flip flop leaning post w yeti style cooler

Thru hull underwater LED

Equipped w - upgraded powder coated burn bars etc


Power pole

Perko w 2 batteries

Lowrance GPS

Sony sound system

There are a few chips and stress crack here and there but absolutely nothing structural and only cosmetic

W the purchase 3 years ago

$18500 was spent restoring this vessel and you’ll never see another like it. I can’t tell you how many times people have asked if I would sell it. It turns heads it walks people across the parking lot just to talk about the boat with a huge smile on their face, and generally somebody who knows fishing boats.


Will travel anywhere in Texas and the lights work and the hubs will be greased

Gonna miss her and she’s gonna sell quick so call only if you’re wife has said yes and your bank // or you’re knowing it’s the one

3sixone 4four3 0zerozero

Or set up a time and I’ll meet ya

Trates welcome - all three titles or registrations in my name

First come first deserve

9237 SPID Corpus Christi TX 78418

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