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This past sunday I took my 2 daughters (13 & 9) fishing in the surf on Sargent beach.
Just after sunrise we were under a cloud of birds about thigh deep. Bait was being busted everywhere. My first cast with a brand new Chartreuse/silver Popa dog was busted so hard it flew out of the water a good 2 feet! It hit the water and I twitched the rod tip twice and was rewarded with boil and sound of a flushing toilet! FISH ON! Drag was being stripped and then the fish jumped! BIG TROUT! Between my daughters screams and my screams, and the birds activity I'm sure we were a sight to behold! Anyhow after a pretty good fight the big girl came to hand and was measured, 26.5", admired and released! My first trout on topwater! What a way to be broken in!
My second cast resulted in a nice fat 18" that went on the stringer, I handed my rod to my 13yo to hold while I got my stringer situated and she was kinda dragging the lure around her and saying, "Here fishy, fishy!" Wouldnt ya know a trout busted that lure right at the rod tip! She jerked the rod so hard the lure flew up out of the water and then flew back down and landed with a splash! It wasnt 2 seconds later that the now familar sluuurp sound came and she had her first topwater trout on the rod. All without casting! lol After a brief fight with her panicking and me laughing so hard I could hardly stand up she brought a nice 17" to hand and I promptly stringered that one as well.
Final tally for the morning was 15 trout total caught and 7 brought home. Both my girls ended up catching a few each, Chelsea on top water and Melissa on a purple TTK. Most fish measured out between 18 and 22 with the biggest being the 26.5. On the ride back home down the beach both girls were avidly watching the surf for bait activity and birds making me pull over when they saw a likely spot.
Two things are for sure, First I think I have created two new fisherwomen! and Second, I dont have near enough topwater plugs!

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Man, ya got to love topwater action under the birds, or when fish are schooling. When I get into some fish like that i'll always throw topwater first. It's the thrill of the hits, and usually will weed the bigger fish out with the topwaters. Sounds like your girls had a blast...

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We were out in front of ya Sunday drifting, picked up a few on gold and silver spoons, then the lady fish moved in. Ended up with a few for dinner with a buncha throwbacks.

Fished back towards the bay Monday and caught a few keeper trout and kids lost a few reds and flounder.

Had fish, buncha blucrabs a couple stone crab claws and some nice table shrimp for dinner last night.
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