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Well opening weekend started off with a bang for us at the Z4 Ranch in South Texas. I had the pleasure of guiding two great youth hunters for the weekend. Both were hunting good management deer and what great hunts they turned out to be.

First I was paired up with a young man named Dominic from the Corpus Christi area. When he arrived at the ranch with his father he was supposed to be hunting a 150+ 8 point. While showing the ranch to them on Friday evening we spotted a deer that his father really wanted to see him take.

First thing Saturday morning we went to the area that we had seen the big deer in. With the full moon and the deer feeding all night we did not have much luck. We decided we would head back to the house and get an early start on the evening hunt. That afternoon we headed to the blind and only minutes after arriving we spotted the giant deer about 400 yards away. Dominic was the first to see the deer and immediately got excited. The deer worked his way to the feeder which was 158 yards from the blind and Dominic was ready with his 22-250 already on him. As soon as the deer turned broad side I told him to take the shot. The first shot was right on the money and the deer turned and ran directly towards us. When the deer stopped he asked if he should shoot again and before I could completely get the words out of my mouth another shot rang out. The deer fell straight to the ground and it was all over. After scoring the deer it had 20 scorable points and grossed 181 7/8 b/c.

The second hunt was with a young man named Trey. Trey had never killed a buck and was very excited to get the chance to hunt a good management buck. Once again the morning hunt was uneventfull and we had to regroup for the evening hunt. That evening we were sitting in the blind and a good 9 point showed up just before the sun went down. Trey grabbed his 243 and put it out the window. Trey was so short he was having a hard time getting a good rest so I had him sit on my lap and I helped him steady his gun. I told him to take his time and make sure the shot was perfect. Trey pulled the trigger and hit the buck perfectly behind the shoulder. I really don't know who was more excited him or I when it was all over with. The look on his face was priceless when we pulled up at the house to show off his first buck.

I want to say thank you to both of these great young hunters and to their families. We had a great weekend and I look forward to seeing them in the years to come.


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