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How about lose instead of loose and vice versa; as in, "I couldnt get the darn rope lose." or "Darn it, I guess I loose." It annoys me, but I had to stop ruining computer screens with red pens, so I gave up on it.

Another favorite is the word trailer. I don't know why some people insist it is a traylor. I can understand a few misspellings because of speed typing. I'm sometimes gilty of dat sert of ting.

How about kids that type like they talk: "So I like you know, like had to like get in there and like, you know, like get the job done."

How about the word yeah, which some people seem to spell as yea. I could go on and on. Just wait until you see VJERese. - Coach
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Miss Dixie said:
Maybe I should continue my English lessons for the day.....

Haha, I got a kick out of this.... "PS-I would definately not be in college if I did not know that particular grammer. Your pet peeve is the same as mine."

Isn't that the SMU boy? Come on man, my parents and grandparents are alumni. Don't be giving them a bad name. Just kidding!!

I don't get worked up over this kind of stuff on the internet.

I have wondered about "bote" though too. I understand using abbreviations or short hand, but it's not like you're saving any letters.

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Sight Cast said:
Okay, dont want to start any static but whats with the improper spelling of the word boat? I see it spelled bote in 1 of about 10 threads. Am I missing something? I know most of us are ******** (me included) but that is a pretty easy one to spell.....

Could you use it in a sentence please?
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