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2 Cool Hoo – Part deux

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I'm not much of a report writer, but I have been talking about this fish almost non-stop since it was caught, so I figure I should give it a shot.
What a thrill, only the second Wahoo I've landed and my biggest fish by far. He took off on an initial screaming run and then the line went slack. I cranked the reel hard thinking that maybe there was still something on the other end of the line - sure enough the rod bowed again and he started pulling drag. Thought it was a monster kingfish for a while, but couldn't understand why he hadn't gotten tired. Once he started coming up, we knew why…It had the tell tale stripes of a WAHOO and was huge . Got him by the side of the boat, gaffed and in the box.
WOW what a fight on a TLD 15. I was whipped but all smiles. Would have probably lost him if it weren't for some great coaching by Mike's deckhand Mike. We also caught a solid snapper limit, including 3 bonus STAR snapper (Snapper That Ain't Red - aka Dog, cubra, etc etc ), ling, rainbow runners, and a few kings. Good times.

Great trip Mike - Thanks again.


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Way to go Jeff and both Mike's! That TLD sure can take a whoopin. Very nice pics and great report too.
I saw that fish at the dock. Heck of a nice fish. My two little girls just couldn't believe how big it was. Good job.
Good job Jeff..! GREAT REPORT..!
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