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Arrived at my destination a little earlier today, around 4 pm, to an east wind at less than 10 mph and mostly green water with a few streaks of sand. One word when you travel 45 miles one way, FISHABLE! 5 minutes in and BAM! 17" trout on a 1/2 ounce gold spoon, it's shaping up to be a nice evening! Next cast, WHAM! Nice fish, peeling drag, then nothing, and I mean nothing. Cut through my leader and took the only gold spoon I had on me! SMACKS! Tied on a silver spoon but only 3/8 ounce so casting distance wasn't as good. No worries with in the next 45 minutes I had 2 more 17"ers on my stringer and 2 right @ 15 released and a bunch of small smacks, and I mean small, say 6"-8"! Bites were happening on almost every cast between 4:15 and 5:15. Around 6 I got bored throwing the spoon and thought, hey my 51MR18 should work. Looks like the mullet I am seeing riding the waves. Tied it on. 7th cast. WHAM! Peeling drag! Land a really nice 22" trout. Next cast, WHAM! Got his twin, 20" trout. That trout ruined my mojo. As I was landing this fish, he had other ideas and wanted no part of me touching him. I finally get a handle on him just as he throws my plug, lucky? Not so much. The plug is now embedded in my vest, it would be my shoulder if I didn't have the vest on. Lucky? You bet! Spent the next 5 minutes trying to free the two treble hooks that are buried in my vest. Had two more really nice pulls on the mirrolure but didn't land them. Got out around 7 with 5 keeper trout. 2 day tally was 7 keepers with 4-5 right at 15" which were released. Should have gone again this am! Stupid work! :hairout:

I hope it holds until the weekend is over, probably won't though.

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