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I hunt in east texas (Anderson County) & wondered if it was included in the new regulation the state experimented with in 5 other counties in central Texas ( I believe they were Austin, Washington, Fayette, Colorado, ???)
I Live in Washington Ctny and have noticed alot more deer activity and seen quite a few nice bucks in the area since it was formed. I think it would be good for east tx to follow suit. Just wondering
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Not for 2005-2006.

ANDERSON - Palestine (county seat) - 2005-2006 Season

White-tailed Deer - Archery Season: October 1-30 (no antlerless permit required except on MLD property); General Season: November 5 - January 1 (antlerless by permit only). Bag limit: 3 (1 buck and 2 antlerless, all seasons combined).

Squirrel - October 1 - February 5 and May 1 - 31. Daily bag limit: 10

Quail - October 29 - February 26. Daily bag limit: 15 quail, Possession Limit: 45.

Dove - (Central Zone) September 1 - October 30 and December 26 - January 4. Daily bag limit: 12 mourning, white-winged, and white-tipped (white fronted) doves in the aggregate to include not more than 2 white-tipped. Possession Limit: Twice the daily bag limit.


Trouthunter said:
Not for 2005-2006.

ANDERSON - Palestine (county seat) - 2005-2006 Season
You asking about last season, or the upcoming one?? If your county had a one buck limit, it is most likely part of the restricted counties for the '06-'07 season.
There have been several counties added to the antler restriction list..............so I heard.
This coming season 06/07. Anderson cnty is a 1 buck county. I hope it will apply this year. It will probably be hard to keep the local from hunting all year long.
We started using protein this year. Can't wait to see the results. Doesn't it take a couple of years to notice a diff. in herd quality?
Im seeing larger deer lately in Washington County. I not sure if thats b/c off the antler restrictions or not, but It isnt hurting anything. I've seen more solid 10 and 12 points this year than anything else.
My uncle told me of a 160 class deer killed in Fayette county last yr where there was never such a thing befor the antler restrictions.
He saw the deer at the feed store in fayeteville. Said it was a monster.
I saw the biggest eight point I've ever seen in that county last season but he was only 3 1/2. I hope he's even bigger this yr, I migght shoot him if given the chance.
I dont know if I could wait two more yrs for him plus he may not make it that long.
Its all 100 to 200 acre plots around our place.
Oh, I cant wait for my lease price to double or triple because all the big bucks running around in my area in the next 3 or 4 years. (marion county) big bucks means big bux$$$!!!
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Where is Marion Cnty?? Just wondering with out getting the map out
North east Texas. 50/60 miles south of texarkana.
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