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11th Hour Request

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Kevin,...one of the http://www.aaronperezbenefit.com/ co-ordinaters just got this e-mail:

Re: Aaron Perez Benefit Fishing Tournament

hi kevin...
this is loren michelman--i'm an nbc news producer who is doing an hour special for discovery on aaron perez.we plan to shoot the fishing tournament tomorrow, and i would love to get a little more information from you. (directions, etc)
please give me a call when you get a chance. i can be reached at 212-664-2638.
best regards,

****** This is an e-mail that I just recieved ********* Looks like the exposure is going national************

area code 212 is New Yawk.....looks like this got corporates attn.

Maybe the Midlife Crisis Band could do a filler and get some National exposure

The band thats gonna be playin is called "Backlash".....that seems fittin for a fishun tourney

Hope some of ya'll can stop by....Hey! how often do ya gets an invite to hang out at a Yacht Club? tut tut tsk tsk http://www.bhycfreeport.com/

ya don't have to register for the tournament....gonna be some great auction items.....gots my eye on a redfish pendant with a ruby for it's spot..and someone donated a shadowbox full of antique lures...oh boy!
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