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I fished all morning and had pretty good success using live shrimp, TTK red w/ white tail and white Gulp! pogeys. Ended up catching a variety of fish today including 10 mangrove snapper up to 15 inches, retained 1 sheepshead at 5 lbs (released a couple more since they were tearing up my wading basket), approx. 20 flounder C&R'd and retained 2 nice flounder (19.5" and 21") along with a big surprise that got away (described below)!!

Surprisingly, the flounder bite occurred during low tide early in the morning. Flounder action slowed down when the incoming tide started pouring in, although I still snagged a few using Gulp!. Most of the flounder were caught in "deeper than normal" water depths. Mangroves and sheepshead were abundant during the incoming tide. I was dropping a live shrimp carolina-rigged practically straight down in a water depth of 10 feet along rocks and pilings. Finding snags was key. If I wasn't getting hung up periodically, I wasn't catching fish. All the fish were deep in the rocks or directly next to the pilings. None were suspended in the water column.

Bigger flounder were caught in the early morning hours along the edges of drop-offs:

As the day progressed, flounder moved deeper along the channel drop-offs, around depths of 15 feet or so:

The surprise today was a big tripletail I briefly hooked using live shrimp. It launched out of the water upon hook set and inevitably headed for the pilings… I put a lot of pressure on the fish to try and turn him around. In doing so it came unbuttoned. I couldn't believe how strong that fish was!

Here is my catch for today:

All in all another successful day on the water. :D
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